Why I'm Running

Elkhart is a great community. There are wonderful, hardworking people here and our businesses are strong. I am a proud and grateful citizen. My family thrives here as it has for generations. However, Elkhart could have a better image and, in our increasingly digital world, that is extremely important. The current city council creates a perception problem. As a community, we need to celebrate our successes and work diligently to be competitive in quality of life issues, and we need to support families and kids. Press coverage for a repeal of a smoking ban, closing a community center that supports seniors and children, and consistently pontificating about the inability of government to do anything right is not putting Elkhart's best foot forward.

My desire is to be a city councilor that makes good policy, advances all citizens and does so in a dignified, respectful, and graceful manner. My guiding principles will be:

  • Fiscal balance and discipline
  • Support of families, kids, and neighborhoods
  • Cultivation and pursuit of partnerships with public and private organizations
  • Improve Elkhart’s image and branding at the local and national levels